Pokemon Fire Uniform Jogger Pants

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Nothing heats a battle more than a combatant who knows how to wield the highly destructive power of fire. The Fire type Pokemon brings the elemental devastation of fire to the battle field, to take out any other opponent careless enough to cross their path. While there might indeed be quite a few other combat Pokemon who are equipped with counters for this, prolonged battle with a Fire type Pokemon will usually turn the favor to the Fire type, because the attacks will definitely wear away at the opponent, on top of the status effect Burn. This is why every battle with a Fire type Pokemon needs to be decisive and quick, or it will eventually go to the benefit of the Fire type. Conquer the field with your own blaze with the Pokemon Fire Uniform Jogger Pants.

These jogger pants are ideal for physical activities such as cross-training, running, and other activities that require quick and precise movement. Made of 100% microfiber polyester material, sweating it out while wearing these pants will not be a problem as it has moisture-wicking properties.

Always wager on the fire, because it will eventually burn everything else. So it is with the Fire type Pokemon, should one be careless enough to get in the way of the attack of a Fire type, it is almost a certainty that defeat will come in fiery form, and in short order.

  • Hand-Made by our skilled Craftsman to ensure flawless graphics and a comfortable fit
  • The fabric is 100% Microfiber Polyester
  • Elastic Waist with Drawstring
  • 2 Front Pockets
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Precision-cut and hand-sewn after printing on ultra-soft fabric
  • Sizes are in US sizing
  • Exclusive Designs Not In-Store
  • Easy Returns
  • Shipping Worldwide

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