The Last Battle Bordered Frame Wall-Art

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The final conflict is nigh, and the die will be cast: who will claim the Iron Throne? With the sheer amount of conflict involved, perhaps a better question would be, will there be anyone left to claim the Iron Throne after the Last Battle?

The Last Battle Bordered Frame Wall-Art is a perfect reminder that one of the most heart stopping conflicts happened in this lifetime, and no one will ever be the same after it. particularly anyone left alive after this great battle.

Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Could it be the Dragon, or the Wolf? Or �the Lion, or perhaps the treacherous Kraken? Let this quilt blanket accompany you as you watch the ultimate conflict in Westeros unfold.

In the end, after the last arrow has been fired, after the last sword falls from a dying hand, who will emerge as the winner? Who will finally lay claim to all of Westeros? Perhaps a more plausible question should be, who will really fight the Last Battle, will it be noble house against noble house, or will it the last living vestiges of humanity against the ever-growing hordes of the Night King?

  • An attractive and durable way of hanging this Wall-Art
  • 100% Sustainable, eco-friendly flat grain amber bamboo wood frame with a printed front
  • Frame finish:�Black
  • �The wooden poster hanger is finished with a leather cord for hanging the poster.
  • Made in the USA
  • **Highly Recommended, Hassle Free**



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