The Office Cast Auto Sun Shade

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If one is to talk about TV shows with immensely memorable quotes and scenarios, one of the most popular to be mentioned is sure to be the Office, where the employees of the Dunder Mifflin Inc Paper Company trade daily banter with each other, often resulting in a good measure of hilarity for anyone watching it, simply from the sheer inanity of the everyday conversation and goings-on at the place. The Office Cast Auto Sun Shade features Michael Scott and the rest of the employees of The Office, most of whom a lot of people have already identified with, as they are depicted as being as human and as original as the next person, making them highly relatable characters.

This auto sun shade is handcrafted, ensuring that it is significantly more durable than other similar products that came out of an automated assembly line. The custom design is highly resistant to heat and UV radiation so that it will not fade, flake, crack, or peel even when frequently exposed to the heat of the sun. This sun shade comes with dimensions of 57 x 27.5 Inches (145 x 70 cm), which makes it an ideal fit for most cars, trucks and SUVs. The high-quality double insulation laminate on this sun shade ensures significant protection against UV rays, thus reducing the entry of harmful heat into the car, which tends to accumulate over time, damaging anything that is susceptible to heat damage within the car. This sun shade fold neatly accordion style and is secured with a Velcro strap closure for fast and easy storage.

The characters working at the Dunder Mifflin Inc Paper Company, although refreshingly unique, are also people we have met and interacted with at one point in our professional lives, which is what makes them so memorable and fun to watch, with viewers even associating their own workmates with the characters.

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  • Protect and keep your car cool with a custom designed auto sun shade
  • Dimensions 57 x 27.5 Inches (145 x 70 cm)
  • Fits most cars, trucks and SUVs
  • Provides protection against UV rays and sun damage while reducing interior heat � no more fading & heat damage
  • Constructed from a high-quality double-insulated laminate material
  • Folds accordion style with a Velcro strap closure for easy storage
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