The Throne Bedding Set

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While a war goes on in the kingdoms of Westeros to see who gets to sit on the Iron Throne, you get to sleep in it with The Throne Bedding set, a handsome bedding set with the full regalia of the Iron Throne printed on it. Now, you get to sleep on the image of a throne with a history embroiled in fantasy, horror, and bloody conquest.

The Iron Throne is said to have been forged out of a thousand swords surrendered to the first of the Targaryen line of rulers, Aegon the Conqueror. Made malleable by the breath of Balerrion, the Black Dread, Aegon's pet dragon, the swords were hammered and shaped into what it is now, the symbol of absolute power in the seven kingdoms of Westeros.

Perhaps due to the bloody history of the creation of the Iron Throne itself, it has always been linked with the bloody, miserable, or pitiful end of all the rulers to ever have sat on it.

  • Bedding set comes with one duvet cover + two pillowcases
  • Single beds such as twin have only 1 pillow cover
  • Our Unique Duvet Set, named Duna, Quilt will brighten up any bedroom!
  • Features a single sided full 3D color print on a luxurious brushed polyester fabric
  • Constructed with cozy yet lightweight premium material that are soft to touch
  • Tied down corners to ensure secure placement of comforter�
  • Machine Washable w cold water gentle cycle & mid detergent
  • Set comes with no comforter/pillow inserts/bed sheets
  • Single beds such as twin have only 1 pillow cover

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  • Return Eligibility:Please send back in original packaging, undamaged. Contact our support staffHEREand they will assist you accordingly.