The Witcher Necklace

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So who would not want to be like Geralt of Rivia, a massive mountain of a man, with fair and rich locks of hair, able to wrestle creates that could eat full-grown bears for a snack and have room for seconds, and is a master of warfare like no other? While so many would definitely like to possess the unique skills and strengths of the Witcher, these are all qualities achieved only through a lifetime of training, and the acceptance that one could easily end up as a monster's meal at any time. Still, aspiring to be an epic warrior much like the Witcher, hunting down creatures that drive fear into the hearts of anyone, is a natural inclination, and while it might really be possible for most, one could at least get into the spirit of being a Vatt'ghern, as they are called in the Elder Speech, with the The Witcher Necklace, fashioned in the same design as that worn by Geralt of Rivia himself.

This necklace is exquisitely crafted by hand, giving it a timeless and classic appeal. Made of tarnish and rustproof stainless steel, the pendant of this necklace measures 45mm and weighs in around 70 grams with the chain on. The surprising detail on the pendant and the metalwork done on the chain is unmistakably impressive, giving it both an almost mythical allure and excellent durability worthy of the Witcher himself.

Historically, personal items such as talismans and pendants are valued not only for the precious metal and work put into them, but also for how they make the wearer feel, imbuing them with unearthly confidence borne out of imagination brought into real life, much like what a person is sure to feel when wearing this necklace.

Inspired by The Witcher Series.�

  • Handmade
  • Pendant Size:�45mm
  • Necklace Comes with a chain
  • Great Collectible or Gift for any Occasion
  • Material:�Stainless Steel
  • Products with chain weight about 70gram


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